WavePointer TRACKER

Positioning and sensory monitoring.

WavePointer TRACKER allows you to monitor almost any objects (railways, cars, trucks, boats, containers, means of transport, etc.) professionally, safely and internationally. No matter whether you are interested in position determination, a movement route or sensory information (e.g. temperature, conditions, vibration, etc.) - WavePointer TRACKER determines all this reliably.

The positions can be determined flexibly using various satellite navigation systems (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou etc.). There are also virtually no limits to the sensors that can be used.

The tracker works ultimate with Ultra-Low-Energy technology and can therefore work with battery or rechargeable battery, with appropriate settings, even several years (> 5 years) self-sufficient. This represents a unique benefit that is second to none.

The determined data values can be transmitted via selectable radio frequencies to any end point (e.g. GSM, NB-IoT, 2G/3G/4G/LTE, 5G, LoRa WAN, Sigfox, UWB etc.).

The delivered firmware can be adapted to your needs by WavePointer.

WavePointer TRACKER has the basic size of a cigarette pack with adequate battery power and is available both as a module and in a housing with various protection classes.

Simple and safe. As an assembly or in the housing.

WavePointer TRACKER is installed and ready for operation in just a few simple steps. The device can be supplied as an assembly or in a variable housing. Various IP protection classes can also be operated.

A special talent for communication

Almost no matter in which environment the TRACKER is to be used. It can communicate with security in a suitable way, for example: 

Bluetooth BLE
2G/3G/4G LTE/5G

GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

Energy? No problem.

In order to guarantee the greatest possible independence, a TRACKER can be operated with a power connection, battery or rechargeable battery. Thus, a TRACKER can also be used in places where there is no or only a difficult to access power source.

The TRACKER is optimized for Ultra-Low-Energy (ULE) and can therefore also be operated for an extremely long period with a battery or rechargeable battery. This can even mean independently more than 5 years with one charge cycle! 

Position and Sensors

WavePointer TRACKER works with common satellite communication technology, such as






In addition, the TRACKER can be equipped with a variety of sensors, such as







Technical Details

Product Name

WavePointer TRACKER


Long time tracking, Real time tracking, Transportation & route tracking, Localization, Location change, Condition monitoring, Theft monitoring etc.

Connectivity Options

GNSS: GPS / QZSS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS

Radio Outbound: 2G/3G/4G LTE/5G, NB-IoT, LoRA WAN, Sigfox, Bluetooth (BLE), UWB, Zigbee

Dimensions (PCB)

50/50/18 (L/W/H)
In millimeter
Without energy

Delivery Options

PCB only
With housing

Sensor Options

Temperature, Brightness, Shock, Movement, Sound, etc.

Casing Options

Standard casing (ABS)
Individual Casing
IP Classes (IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 etc.)


CE, LoRA WAN, BLE, Sigfox etc.

On request: EN 50121-3-2, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-6, EN 45545, EN 50155, EN 50122, European Train Control System (ETCS)

Energy Options

USB cable, Rechargeable battery, Battery
Optional: Circular connector M12 shielded, D-coded, IEC 60 352-4


Standard Firmware
Individual Firmware


Possible on request
100% control of PCB-Components
100% control of Firmware


Ultra low energy components, firmware energy optimized, miniaturized, range optimization, easy, certified 

Do you have individual requirements?

WavePointer TAG, SENSE, CONTROL and GATEWAY also serve as a modular IoT base platform. Use the extensive modules to quickly and flexibly map your requirements with regard to individual sensor technology and control.

Contact us if you need electronic modules for installation or your own housing designs for your area of application. We will then gladly take care of planning, prototyping and production.