WavePointer MOVE.

Only one thing counts here: Movement!

WavePointer MOVE is a specialist - a specialist in motion detection. By means of sensors such as Passive Infrared (PIR sensor) or Radar (radio waves), all movement processes in the desired intensity and in defined zones are cleanly registered.

The collected data can be transmitted to any endpoints via the latest radio technology, such as BLE, LoRa WAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox or RFID.

The device is operated either mains independent (rechargeable battery / battery / solar) or via USB power cable. This guarantees the greatest possible flexibility. By optimizing your own power requirements, a very long running time is also possible with battery operation.

The firmware and the sensors can be perfectly matched to your application. WavePointer MOVE leaves nothing to be desired. State-of-the-art technology in a minimum of space makes your project a guaranteed success. Simple, fast and durable.

The accuracy of the measurement results is not left to chance. Only tested and highly sensitive sensors are used. In addition, the MOVE housing ergonomics are designed in such a way that each sensor is always in perfect contact with the element to be measured. This means that the MOVE can not only be optimally installed, but also reliably delivers the real measured values in any environment.

The extremely cost-effective unit is supplied in an attractive WavePointer standard housing. Individual device housings and IP protection classes can be implemented optionally.

Flexible communication via radio

Bluetooth BLE (up to 120 meters)

LoRaWAN (up to 10 kilometers)



Ultra Broadband 





The smallest
movement counts

Targeted motion analysis using passive infrared monitoring (PIR) or electromagnetic waves (Radar). For efficient occupancy management, heat maps, frequency analyses and much more. 




Flexible, situational energy supply

Rechargeable battery


USB cable

Ultra Low Energy


Long battery/rechargeable battery life

Small. Light. Plug & Play.

Width from 50 mm

Length from 50 mm

Height from 25 mm


Technical Details

Product Name

WavePointer MOVE


Measurements, Monitoring, Environment data analysis, Diagnosis, Occupancy analysis, Diagnostics, Moment analysis, Long-term analysis, Real time analysis, etc.

Connectivity Options

Radio Outbound: NB-IoT, 3G/4G/5G, Sigfox, LoRA WAN, Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee, NFC, RFID etc.

Dimensions (PCB)

In millimeter
Without energy

Delivery Options

PCB only
With housing

Sensor Options

PIR detection up to 15 meters radius
Radar (radio wave) detection up to 150 meters radius

Higher ranges possible in coordination with the energy management of the devices.
Other sensors on request (temperature, CO2, humidity, etc.)

Casing Options

Standard casing (ABS),
Individual Casing,
IP Classes (IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 etc.)


CE, LoRA WAN, BLE etc.

Energy Options

USB cable, Rechargeable battery, Battery, Solar


Standard Firmware
Individual Firmware


Possible on request
100% control of PCB-Components
100% control of Firmware


Ultra low energy components, Firmware energy optimized, Miniaturized, Range optimization, Lightweight, Certified 

Haben Sie individuelle Anforderungen?

WavePointer TAG, SENSE, CONTROL und GATEWAY dienen auch als eine modulare IoT Basis-Plattform. Nutzen Sie die umfangreichen Bausteine um damit schnell und flexibel Ihre Anforderungen bzgl. individueller Sensorik und Steuerung abzubilden.

Sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie für Ihren Einsatzbereich elektronische Baugruppen zum Einbau oder eigene Gehäuse-Designs benötigen. Wir kümmern uns dann gerne um die Planung, das Prototyping und die Fertigung.