WavePointer Cloud & Apps. When data becomes information.

The WavePointer Cloud provides online everything you need for optimal and easy use of the solution. In addition to the core functions for collecting and processing the data, you will find other services such as Data Analytics Dashboards with numerous analyses, presentations and evaluations. An asset management application that maps reality in real time. And a data management solution that adapts to your needs.


Do you already have your own solution? Of course, we also integrate them.

Hybrid Cloud Core.

Hybrid, cloud-based data processing. A stable foundation.

In addition to the WavePointer Devices, the WavePointer Cloud is the second core element of the overall solution. Here, all data from the devices is received, verified and normalized.


And processed, supplemented and refined with the help of micro-services. Depending on requirements. Of course also tailor-made. And if other systems are to be integrated, the cloud also provides the necessary connectors in its environment.



Data Analytics.

Flexible. Simple. Tailor-made.

The Data Analytics Service is a powerful online application for visualizing and evaluating the data transmitted by the WavePointer devices. The data is presented in the form of dashboards that are preconfigured for certain industry-specific use cases. This enables a quick and easy start - and specific requirements can still be implemented quickly thanks to the modular architecture.


The data can be presented in a variety of ways depending on the requirements. Everything is possible, from simple KPIs for a quick overview, meaningful charts or clear tables to specialized displays such as heat maps and maps for geodata.

Asset Management.

Always up-to-date. Automatically.

Your objects and their data play a central role in the WavePointer solution. Our Asset Management helps you to keep an overview at all times and to know your inventory. Inventory was yesterday.


And the best? You can always see where the objects are. And not only where they should be. In buildings, in vehicles, and at all your locations. In real time.

Device & Data Management.

Data structures that adapt. Devices that listen to you.

Flexible data structures are essential when it comes to making our solution your own. That's why we provide you with powerful tools for data management online. Because only with the right metadata and structures can raw data become relevant information.

Concretely? All data is provided with additional information that you can define yourself. In this way, for example, location-bound data, product categories, context information and the like are supplemented. Our data analytics solution builds on this and uses this information to filter, group and aggregate.


It also controls your WavePointer devices. Assignment to your objects? Send status? Battery status? Find everything here.