WavePointer CONTROL.

The IoT hardware platform for controlling objects, rooms, machines and processes.

WavePointer CONTROL is a modular product family which can be used for various application scenarios. Expand the electronic performance spectrum of existing machines, devices and objects in no time at all. 


WavePointer CONTROL is available as an electronic module or in housing variants. The dimensions in the standard housing are 60*60*25 (L*B*H in mm). Individual housings are possible. Just like the installation of a module in an existing environment (machine, device, furniture, walls, etc.). 

In good contact with your objects

WavePointer CONTROL can contact various objects and systems. For example, with individual machines, devices, access systems or entire production plants. The contact can be wired or wireless.



Secure exchange and data analysis

WavePointer CONTROL enters into a secure data exchange with your objects and systems and analyzes situations or states in fractions of a second. Individual requirements regarding analyses and processes are simply controlled via an adapted firmware.




Targeted action and precise control

After analyzing and evaluating information, WavePointer CONTROL can instruct your objects and systems to implement further actions - or securely log this information and status. The results can simply be read out and then processed further.

Flexible. Modern. A perfect IoT platform.

WavePointer CONTROL has a modern IoT platform architecture. It has a modular structure and can optionally execute various communication protocols (BLE, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT etc.). It can also be flexibly supplied with power: Power grid, rechargeable battery, battery - for every situation.


Technical Details

Product Name

WavePointer BRIDGE


Translation of IoT data formats, Fast data transmission via radio even over long distances, Simple retrofitting in existing environments / machines etc.

Connectivity Options

Radio Inbound: Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee, LoRa WAN etc.

Radio Outbound: 3G/4G, NB-IoT, LoRA WAN, Sigfox, Bluetooth (BLE), UWB, Zigbee

Dimensions (PCB)

50/50/20 (L/W/H)
In millimeter
Without energy

Delivery Options

PCB only
With housing

Casing Options

Standard casing (ABS), Individual Casing, IP Classes, Sealing


CE, LoRA WAN, BLE, Sigfox etc.

Energy Options

USB cable, Rechargeable battery, Battery


Standard Firmware
Individual Firmware


Possible on request
100% control of PCB-Components
100% control of Firmware


Ultra low energy components, Firmware energy optimized, Miniaturized, Range optimization, Lightweight, Certified 

CASE STUDY - Visitor and access management.

Smart Access. For efficient access management.

WavePointer CONTROL checks Secure QR Codes in milliseconds. Everywhere.

For example, the WavePointer CONTROL can be connected to QR code scanners/readers as an extension. This enables the scanner to perform intelligent checks or additional decryptions (Secure QR Code, SQRC etc.) immediately at the time of data collection. No online connection to a backend system is required. The visitor, supplier, craftsman or employee thus receives his authorisations in seconds, whether at the entrance, exit, locker or in the canteen, etc.

At the same time, for example, all processes can be recorded exactly and the WavePointer CONTROL thus serves as a secure and unfalsifiable "electronic process documentation".

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Do you have individual requirements?

WavePointer products also serve as a modular IoT base platform. Use the extensive modules to quickly and flexibly map your requirements with regard to individual sensor technology and control.

Contact us if you need electronic modules for installation or your own housing designs for your area of application. We will then gladly take care of planning, prototyping and production.