WavePointer TAG Pro.
Ultimate sensor technology in the smallest space.

Masterpiece of modern technology. The further development of the WavePointer TAG.

 The WavePointer TAG Pro combines the performance features of the WavePointer TAG with state-of-the-art sensor technology. And everything in only 10 cm2.

In addition to the performance features of the WavePointer TAG, extensive and sensitive measuring instruments such as sound pressure, brightness, gyrometer, temperature, humidity and vibration are installed in the smallest of spaces.

The TAG Pro is powered by a battery. This means that extensive measurements of environmental data can also be carried out at locations where there is normally no power connection.

WavePointer TAG Pro can be purchased as an assembly or in housing variants. Depending on the protection requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Features & Benefits

  • The TAG is ultra small and light: from 25*25*10 mm
  • Special antenna technology achieves ranges > 120 meters
  • The TAG information can be captured over long distances by a receiver.
  • Information can be transmitted in real-time, e.g. to the WavePointer Cloud, and retrieved worldwide.
  • Extremely high signal strength even under difficult operating conditions
  • Very long battery life thanks to efficient energy management. Battery usually replaceable.
  • Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone standard. Individual firmware possible
  • The TAG can be called up as an assembly, in full potting or in housing variants.
  • Support of special protection classes against water, heat, dust, acid and for concrete etc.
  • Encrypted firmware and data transfer

Sensor Technology

  • Sound pressure/noises
  • Brightness/Light
  • Temperature
  • Air / Humidity
  • Gyrometer
  • Motion/Shaking
  • etc.

Return on Investment

  • Cost-effective acquisition costs
  • Fast commissioning
  • Virtually unlimited service life
  • Demand-driven service costs
  • Firmware update
  • Adequate guarantee arrangements
  • Environmentally friendly recycling


Technical Details

Product Name

WavePointer TAG PRO


Digital label, Identification, Warehousing, Object marking, Inventory management, Process management, Production control, etc.

Connectivity Options

Radio Outbound: LoRA WAN, Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, Eddystone etc.

Dimensions (PCB)

In millimeter
Inclusive of energy

Delivery Options

PCB only
With housing

Sensor Options

Temperature, Brightness, Shock, Movement, Sound, etc.

Casing Options

Standard casing (ABS), Individual Casing, IP Classes, Sealing


CE, LoRA WAN, BLE etc.
On request: EN 50121-3-2, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-6, EN 45545, EN 50155, EN 50122, European Train Control System (ETCS)

Energy Options

Battery, Accumulator, USB etc.
Optional: Circular connector M12 shielded, D-coded, IEC 60 352-4


Standard Firmware
Individual Firmware


Possible on request
100% control of PCB-Components
100% control of Firmware


Ultra low energy components, Firmware energy optimized, Miniaturized, Range optimization, Lightweight, Certified 

Do you have individual requirements?

WavePointer TAG, SENSE, CONTROL and GATEWAY also serve as a modular IoT base platform. Use the extensive modules to quickly and flexibly map your requirements with regard to individual sensor technology and control.

Contact us if you need electronic modules for installation or your own housing designs for your area of application. We will then gladly take care of planning, prototyping and production.