Smart Infrastructure for Railroads

Rail vehicles increasingly require IOT technology.
WavePointer's RailTAG product line is the first choice for mobility groups and railroad operators.

Rail vehicles have been used to transport goods and people for over a century. Also due to the population growth in metropolitan areas, rail transport has developed rapidly worldwide and today connects cities all over the world. IOT systems from WavePointer are used here to control safety and function-relevant technology or modern services for passengers. Thus, they are an important and proven component of the international railroad industry.

Rail vehicles and infrastructure must function safely and reliably at all times. Future-oriented rail networks ensure mobility in passenger traffic and guarantee smooth freight transport. All components must be tested and approved in accordance with relevant standards to ensure maximum safety for passengers and train crews. Sensitive electronics for e.g. position determination, communication and data technology, drive technology or other electrical systems must be optimally protected against external influences. Innovative and robust IOT technology from WavePointer meets these strict requirements reliably and in the long term as a premium partner of the railroad industry.

WavePointer - tested according to Railroad relevant Standards

The quality and reliability of our products has top priority. Therefore, all WavePointer devices are tested in external test laboratories according to railroad relevant standards in multiple ways (Electromagnetic compatibility, EMC, radiation, depth temperature test, shock temperature test, vibration test, etc.). This enables our customers to confidently integrate our products into their systems and rely on the technical characteristics and functionality in the various fields of application.

WavePointer designs and/or manufactures equipment in compliance with the following standards:
CE,  Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (CE RED), RoHS, IEC, EN 50121-3-2, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-6, EN 45545, EN 50155, EN 45545 (hazard class HL3), EMC, IPC, ISO, REACH, UL, DIN, NFPA, UN ECE R 118, UN ECE R 10.

WavePointer devices are thus suitable for rail vehicles of the following classes:
Goods wagons, Freight trains, Transport wagons, Traction units, Standard vehicles, Double-deck vehicles, Sleeping and couchette cars (HL1, HL2, HL3).

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Examples of use

  • Support for the introduction of the "Digital Automatic Coupling" (DAC) in European freight transport for rail vehicles (freight wagons and traction units). An international initiative for the digitalisation of freight transport.

  • EasyRide: Real-time Ticket. Get in and drive off. Exactly the distance driven by the customer is calculated. Automatically!
  • Provision of "location-based content" on the train and at stations for services, personnel and passengers.
  • Management of location and movement data (patterns) for staff, passengers and equipment.
  • Optimization of station, train, and seat assignments to avoid unnecessary crowding to smooth peak occupancy and precautionary health care (infection prevention, reduction of transmission possibilities, etc.).
  • Optimal support of barrier-free and handicapped-accessible infrastructure for people with reduced mobility
  • Provision of data collections for business intelligence systems
  • Service personnel (maintenance, cleaning, etc.) can be actively supported by logging, reporting and control (Clean & Repair).
  • Value-added services can be activated when the presence of a user (e.g., passenger, train attendant, etc.) has been verified and confirmed by a unique beacon signal. For example, these include free WLAN, magazine download, etc.
  • Deployment planning and optimization of the use of "rolling stock" (trains, wagons, sequences, sequences of wagons, etc.)
  • Easy online connection of "offline equipment" to the data communication system
  • Support and optimization of service work on and in the trains
  • Monitoring of special locations or danger zones and their protection (terminals, buildings, construction site areas, etc.)
  • Occupancy measurement with microclimate data enables new insights and knowledge through correlation of data.
  • WavePointer offers modular solutions for all environments - from train station areas, shopping zones, classic workplaces to lounge areas.

Available Devices

  • Beacons, TAGs, beacons with or without sensors. The devices can be supplied with different radio variants (Bluetooth, BLE, LoRA, UWB, Sigfox, LTE, 5G, NB IoT etc.), radio protocols and data structures.
  • Almost all essential parameters can be set via an administration app.