Markup. Measure. Control.
Anywhere, anytime.





From one single source. 100 % Control. Jump Start now.

With WavePointer you get a solution that maps the entire project chain: Hardware - Firmware - Data transmission - Data storage - Evaluation & control.

We enable the digital marking of individual objects as well as the marking of thousands of objects. We equip any areas and buildings (indoor & outdoor) with markings and provide additional sensory information - reliably and securely.

Our receivers (gateways) ensure secure data transmission and evaluation everywhere.

The powerful WavePointer technology always works reliably in the background. And you can fully concentrate on achieving your project goals. WavePointer can be used in almost all areas, in the working environment, a hotel, a factory, on a construction site, a trade fair or in a salesroom. The applications are almost limitless.



Why WavePointer is the best choice for your project:


Holistic solution

  • Transmitter, receiver, data management, display and analysis
  • Individual hardware and firmware on request
  • Everything from a single source - and perfectly matched to each other
  • Open interfaces and integration options
  • Hybrid support for pioneering radio standards:BLE, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, UWB, ...

Plug & Play

  • Easy to use
  • Fast commissioning
  • Low maintenance
  • Competent Support
  • Industry experience and solutions
  • individual solutions

Best in Class

  • WavePointer are high-tech products
  • Development in Germany and Switzerland
  • Quality standards during development: DIN 9001, ISO 13485, ATEX EX, IEC EX
  • Production in Europe


Energie Efficiency

  • WavePointer intensively researches Ultra Low Energy solutions
  • All components are perfectly matched to energy optimisation
  • Special firmware optimizes the energy consumption of the products
  • Products can be operated with battery, rechargeable battery and USB source
  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries can be replaced



  • WavePointer develops special antenna technology
  • Extremely stable and high radio range
  • Star and Mash topology
  • Boost and repeater technology


Cloud ready and secure!

  • Encrypted firmware and data transfer
  • Direct and secure connection to WavePointer Cloud
  • Access to WavePointer device management, data analysis and visualization
  • Connection to third-party providers (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, SAP, etc.)



Do you have individual requirements?

WavePointer TAG, SENSE, CONTROL and GATEWAY also serve as a modular IoT base platform. Use the extensive modules to quickly and flexibly map your requirements with regard to individual sensor technology and control.

Contact us if you need electronic modules for installation or your own housing designs for your area of application. We will then gladly take care of planning, prototyping and production.