Wavepointer Office. For an intelligent working environment.

Modern office concepts are sophisticated. Many requirements - constant change.

Today more than ever, the design of working environments for the future places high demands on office design and planning. The demands placed on a modern concept are diverse and range from high productivity and greater employee well-being to optimised space requirements and efficient facility management processes.

Added to this is the need for constant change, which is due to an increasingly dynamic economic environment. Reorganisations, location optimisations and relocations are no longer the exception, but on the agenda. This increases the need for quick but well-founded decisions and efficient project implementation.

Your benefit? A well-founded database. For numerous fields of application.

We help you to master these challenges. WavePointer Office is a complete solution that provides you with a sound database in the areas of usage analysis, furniture management and microclimate measurement. With WavePointer Devices, our cloud applications for data analytics and asset management, or as a data stream into your own application, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips. For an intelligent office.    

Usage analysis

    • The occupancy of individual buildings, office zones and workplaces is continuously measured in real time.
    • The large number of measuring points - combined with microclimate data - provides a new dimension of data material as a basis for decision-making.
    • Estimated desk sharing rates and manual spot measurements are replaced by facts and are a thing of the past.
    • The data provides a sound basis for analysing existing office concepts and validating them.
    • Under- or overoccupied zones can be identified and adapted to dynamically changing conditions.
    • Employees and guests are already informed about vacancies at the reception desk.
    • In connection with the cloud application for data analytics, numerous evaluations can be created for detailed analyses.
    • The combination of occupancy measurement with microclimate data provides new insights and insights by correlating the data.
    • WavePointer offers modular solutions for all office zones - from classic workstations to lounge areas.  


    • The entire portfolio of properties is available at all times across all locations - in the office area as well as in the warehouse.
    • Any changes to the objects from their location are displayed immediately. So you don't just see where an object should be, but where it really is!
    • All relevant information for asset accounting such as age, acquisition costs or asset categories are always available and up-to-date.
    • Information on the exact configuration of the furniture and additional data from procurement facilitate repeat orders and the addition of accessories.
    • For location optimizations and relocation projects, you can access reliable inventory information by product category and location at any time.
    • The clear identification helps with communication with the manufacturer or dealer in the event of a service or warranty claim.


    • The microclimate in the entire building can be recorded granularly down to the individual workplace.
    • In addition to data such as temperature, humidity, light conditions and sound pressure, other sensors can also measure air quality if required.
    • This information allows local optimisations to be made to improve the well-being of employees and thus their performance.
    • In the planning phase for activity-oriented workplace concepts, these data help to find the optimum area for each zone.
    • In addition, these data can be used directly for building control and thus contribute to higher energy efficiency and lower costs.